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  • Bad Breath Tea
  • Bad Breath Tea
Bad Breath Tea Bad Breath Tea

Bad Breath Tea

  • Bad Breath Tea
  • Medicine herbal tea for bad breath
  • health herbal tea
  • herbal tea for degistive
  • Product description: Bad Breath Tea,Medicine herbal tea for bad breath,health herbal tea,herbal tea for degistive,Blended herbal teabag tea,stomach tea

Name:Bad Breath Tea

Healthy Benefits:1.Nourish and free movements of bowels, clear intestinal waste.

2.Improve gastrointestinal system from the inside, effectively promote digestion.

3.Adjust the oral flora, eliminate oral inflammation.4.Regulate endocrine, improve immune function

Ingredients:Honeysuckle, gardenia,  Pangdahai, lily, patchouli, mulberry leaves, Chineseolive, mint, licorice, houttuynia


Net Weight:50g

Direction:1.put 1-2 teabags in a cup.

2.pour in fresh boiling water and let the tea stand for 3-5 minutes.

3.drink 1-2 teabags per time, twice per day, after meal in the morning or before sleep in the evening.

Storage: keep in a dry or cool place at or below 25°C

Not suitable for :children,pregnancy and breastfeeding

Package:Tea+filter paper bag + plastic envelop+bag+carton

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