Slimming cream

  • women slim cream
  • women slim cream
  • women slim cream
women slim creamwomen slim creamwomen slim cream

women slim cream

  • slimming cream
  • slim cream
  • fat burner oil
  • slimming oil
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Name:women slim cream

Feature:shining crystal in the aspect.It could help reduce stubborn fat accumulating in waist,abdomen,hips and arms.Shrinking body shape and becoming slimming and beautiful.

Ingredients:Methylparaben, Bisabolol,Bis(hydroxymethyl)



Usage:After shower apply to the desired areas both morning and evening.For quick result,doingexercise together.Gently massage for about 3-5 minutes.

Net weight:80g


Size of carton:44*44*30cm

200pcs are in 1 carton

about 18kgs for 1 carton

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