• massage gun
  • massage gun
  • massage gun
massage gun massage gun massage gun

massage gun

  • massage gun
  • fascial gun
  • physical therapy device equipments
  • muscle massage gun
  • Product description: massage gun,fascial gun,physical therapy device equipments ,muscle massage gun,body deep pressure relieve fascia muscle massage gun,physical therapy device equipments,private label cordless deep tissu

Name :Massage gun

Fuction:body deep pressure relieve and fascia muscle physical therapy device equipments 

Item: Massage Gun;
Color:Silver,black,blue and red;
Battery Parameters: 2000mAh;
Battery Life: 120minutes;
Changing time:180minutes;
Rated voltage: 8.4V;
Rated frequency: 50HZ;
Rated power: 7.4W;
Product size: 220*208*50mm;
Box size:315*215*73mm
Weight:1.43kgs for 1pc
12pcs in 1 carton

18kgs for 1carton

Why use electric massage gun?
1.It's an electric high-frequency mobility therapeutic massage device;
2.For athletes workout: Relieve muscle soreness after athletic and crossfit training;
3.For personal physical therapy: Soft tissue pain relief and chiropractor assistance.

6 Speed High Frequency Vibration:The muscle massager can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain, increase blood flow and range of motion, and improve the health of the body's soft tissues. Meet different needs, meet your various muscle relaxation and defeat lactic acid, refuse pain;
It will turn off automatically after you use it for 15 minutes, in order to give your muscles a scientific massage.

Four interchangable head attachment:

Round ball head: For large muscle groups and extreme muscles and joint soreness;
Bullet head: Mainly used for joints, deep tissues,trigger points and small muscle areas;
U-shaped head : Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder for sensitive muscles or soft tissues;
Flat head: Suitable for all parts of the body, such as back and leg;

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