Men's tea

  • Prostate tea
  • Prostate tea
  • Prostate tea
  • Prostate tea
Prostate teaProstate teaProstate teaProstate tea

Prostate tea

  • prostate tea
  • herbal tea for prostate issue
  • reduce inflammation in the prostate
  • treating enlarged prostate tea
  • Product description: maintain normal urinary promotes healthy prostate and sexual function support male health

Name:Prostate Tea
Healthy benefits:1.maintain normal urinary
2.promotes healthy prostate and sexual function male health
Ingredients:Clove, raspberry, dandelion, mulberry, wolfberry, yam, gardenia, polygonatum, bamboo leaf, licorice etc.
Net Weight: 100g
Direction:1.put 1 teabag in a cup.
2.pour in fresh boiling water and let the teabag stand for 3-5 minutes.
3.drink 1 teabag each time, twice daily, after meal in the morning or afternoon.
4.For better effect,1 teabag could be brewed several times to drink till water color and smelling are light in each time.
Storage: keep in a dry or cool place at or below 25°C
Not suitable for :children,pregnancy and breastfeeding
Package:Tea+filter paper bag +zipper plastic bag with aluminum film+carton

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