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  • Fat blatster shake
  • Fat blatster shake
  • Fat blatster shake
Fat blatster shake Fat blatster shake Fat blatster shake

Fat blatster shake

  • milk shake
  • weight loss shake
  • food supplement for slimming
  • diet shake
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Fat Blaster Diet Shake
Healthy Benefits: As a part of fat blaster weight loss program, fat blaster diet shake contains green coffee beans. It could burn fat fast, help control hunger and reduce body fat.
Ingredients: Soybean protein isolate, fructose, soluble dietary fiber, whey protein soy protein, rice protein, green coffee bean extract, oat fiber, calcium carbonate, salt, magnesium sulfate, Zinc lactate, vitamins minerals(vitamin A,
vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitaminB1, vitaminB2, vitaminB6, vitaminB12),Nicotinic acid, folic acid and natural vanilla flavor.
Specification:25 g/bag,10bags/box
Net Weight: 250g
Direction:1.use 1 satchel of this product to replace 1 meal.

             2.breakfast 1 satchel and supper 1 satchel ,2 satchels a day.

    1 satchel pour into a cup,add 200ml warm water to it ,then mix well with shaker or blender till it becomes smooth.

             4.could add natural fruit according to your preference.

Storage: keep in a dry or cool place at or below 25°C

Package:shake +plastic envelop +box +carton

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