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  • 7 days beauty tea
  • 7 days beauty tea
  • 7 days beauty tea
  • 7 days beauty tea
7 days beauty tea7 days beauty tea7 days beauty tea7 days beauty tea

7 days beauty tea

  • lady's beauty tea
  • whitening tea
  • anti-aging tea
  • detox tea
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Name :7 days Beauty Tea
Healthy Benefits:1.clear,glow skin and anti-aging
2.refresh and nourish your skin from the inside and outside
3.improve your skin complexion and booster for both day and evening beauty routine.
Ingredients:lemon,double rose flower,lotus leaf and cassia seed
Specification:3g/pyramid teabag,14pyramid teabags/bag
1.Put 1 teabag into a cup or bottle,brew it with 250-300ml boiling warter,keep it in 3-5minutes,then start drinking when the water color changed.
2.Add more water into the cup or bottle for several times,till the color and taste of tea is light,then throw it away.
3.Take another 1 teabag into a cup or bottle after 4 hours,brewing it as the first one.
4.Usually 2 teabags daily,1 teabag each time.
Storage: keep the tea in a dry or cool place at or below 25°C
Not suitable for :children,pregnancy and breastfeeding
Package:organical natural herbal tea+pyramid teabag+bag+carton



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