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  • vagina gel
  • vagina gel
  • vagina gel
vagina gel vagina gel vagina gel

vagina gel

  • Gynecological gel
  • vagina shrinking tightening gel
  • female vagina tightening gel
  • anti-inflammatory gel
  • Product description: Gynecological gel, vagina shrinking tightening gel , female vagina tightening gel, anti-inflammatory gel, Vaginal sex gel, Wholesale herbal vagina tightening cream, Gynecological antibacterial gel,vag

Name: vagina gel


1. Clean the vagina

2. Detoxification and anti-inflammatory

3. Tightening vagina

4. Nesting womb and vagina

Ingredients: Artemisia argyi extractCortex phellodendri extractCentella asiatica extractSophora extractCnidium monnieri extract

Specification:3g/pc,12pcs /box

Shelf lift:2 years

Usage Method:

1.Clean the vulva before your bedtime, lying down and raise the hips

2.Remove the protective cap of applicator,and gently insert the Pre-filled applicator into the vagina only as far as it will comfortable go.

3.Take out applicator from vagina.

4.Wash hands and discard the applicator

5.Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes,Once daily, 1 piece each time


1.A patient at bedtime after washing the vulva, the gel will remove the front end of the front cover, insert the rear end to gel as a putter; will be equipped with the gel is slow to gel with the index finger deep into the vagina promote co-putt, putt use antibacterial gel to help push the vagina. Use one time every night, every time use 1 piece

2, the amount of colloidal Apply to affected area once or twice a day.


1.Do not use gynecological gel during menstruation,

2. if you are pregnant or if you are a virgin avoid using gynecological gel, if you are allergic to any ingredients of the tampon (see the ingredient listing above)

3. This product is only for women's reproductive tract for external use only,

4. This product is one-time use only, packing damage is prohibited to use.

5. Keep it stored in a cool and dry place, and avoid from direct sun light


1. Condensation tightening

Tighten Vagina, resolve the aging problems of female vagina, promote the recovery of elastic fibers to normal, stimulate the release of nerve information in the muscle layer of the vagina, increase the activity of muscle fibers, enhance activity, and restore the tighteness of the young state.

2. Nesting womb and vagina

Directly to the bottom of the uterus, it quickly expands and forms a protective film throughout the uterus. The strong permeability and high degree of bioavailability can quickly penetrate the blood and muscle tissue, strengthen the body's blood and lymph circulation, promote the secretion of hormones in the ovary, regulate the secretion system, and bring it to a state of balanced regulation.

3.Clean the vagina

Prevent vaginal dryness, aging and damage. Regulate the normal vaginal secretion, improve the sensitivity of the vaginal wall, solve the frigidity, long-term use can nourish the vagina and nest, restore the young state.

4. Detoxification and anti-inflammatory

The rich plant essence eliminates all kinds of bacteria in the uterus and metabolic wastes, and eliminates attachments and sexual waste that cannot be normally removed during menstruation. Effectively solve the problems of vaginal itching and odor

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